Throughout our history,
West Virginians
have worked together
to get through hard times.

We need our elected officials to do the same.‚Äč

WV New Jobs Coalition is a partnership of organizations seeking to bring new, well-paying jobs to the Mountain State.
New Jobs to West Virginia

Partner Organizations

We want our state to be a place where people want to live and work, raise families, and retire. More jobs means more money in our pockets, funds for retirement, better neighborhood schools for our kids, and more money for the state to provide the resources we need.

Together, we can create the state we want: one where everyone is cared for and everyone belongs.

Our Plan Will:

Maximize good union jobs with benefits
Grow manufacturing
Restore our damaged waters & land
Revive the Civilian Conservation Corps
Stronger COmmunities, Brighter Futures.

Contact Us

1500 Dixie St.
Charleston, WV 25311

Brandi Reece
Coalition Coordinator
(304) 910-3113